Advanced Materials Seminar: Pursuing Knowledge and Pushing Technological Boundaries in the Field of Material Science and Engineering

Sep 19 2018

Chemisphere Lab Sciences, Inc. in partnership with our principals, Bruker Optics, Bruker NanoAnalytics, Perkin Elmer Instruments and the Univeristy of the Philippines - Diliman have recently concluded events that gathered engineers, material scientists and professionals in the field of Advanced Materials. 

The seminar provides dissemination of information and crystallization of new ideas in this increassingly interdisciplinary field of Advanced Materials. 

The morning session of the event was kicked off by Bruker Optics, led by Ms. Yuan Li to talk about the industrial solutions of FTIR Microscopy. It was followed by a resource talk from Prof. Eduardo R. Magdaluyo, Jr. from UP Department of Mining, Metallurgical, and Materials Engineering about the Advancement of Smart and Property-changing Materials.

The afternoon sessions were presented by Bruker NanoAnalytics and Perkin Elmer Instruments. Ms. Moi Yee Chiew of Bruker NanoAnalytics provided new trends in XRF solution for non-invasive elemental analysis. Mr. Darwin M. Tanedo of Perkin Elmer Instruments shared application overview of Perkin Elmer High Performance UV/Vis/NIR Spectrophotometers in Advanced Materials testing.