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A fully Filipino-owned company, Chemisphere Lab Sciences, Inc. was established on November 13, 2014 with 25sqm office at Entrata Urban Complex. Company operations officially began on January of the following year. The company then was operated by four strong manpower with main business on service and support of Bruker FT-NIR systems.

In 2018, Chemisphere acquired Arrowfil Technologies, Inc. extending the company’s product portfolio to cater new markets such as Semiconductor, Photovoltaic and Defense markets.

Today, having been in the business for more than 5 years, the company boasts a strong portfolio in analytical laboratory, process control and manufacturing instrumentation. Chemisphere carries brands whose background and experience in instrumentation technologies has been established over the years and are renowned to be the best in their respective industries.



The company is led by the Managing Director, Richie M. Eustaquio and Sales Manager, Joan Cunanan. The company’s organization is powered by new generation of young professionals with specialized science backgrounds guaranteed to deliver to the technical demands of the company’s portfolio and customer requirements.

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To help the analytical and process instrumentation users solve the complexity of their day to day analyses by providing the most innovative, world-class and advanced technology techniques that offer simplicity of use and efficiency of results.

We are constantly evolving and expanding not only on our product offerings but more importantly our service competency to satisfy and exceed the expectation of our customers.




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