3rd National Conference of Chemical Laboratories

Oct 16 2019 to Oct 17 2019

The 3rd National Conference of Chemical Laboratories (NCCL), held last October 16-17 at the Century Park Hotel in Manila has been an annual event since 2016, this year's theme being “Formulating Solutions to Chemical Wastes: The Chemistry Sector’s Social Responsibility” and is organized by the Integrated Chemists of the Philippines (ICP). This edition of the NCCL attracted more than four-hundred chemistry professionals and practitioners from the academe, government, and industry sectors, all with the pursuit of properly managing the chemical waste they generate.

Chemisphere Lab Sciences, Inc. served as a sponsor of the event and is present in the event exhibiting instrumentations promoting techniques such as rapid analysis, in-situ analysis, sample preparation-less and non-destructive analysis, all in line with the theme on minimizing and managing chemicals wastes.