Patented fluorescence mitigation SSETM


The active fluorescence mitigation Sequentially Shifted Excitation SSETM  enables to access most comprehensive spectral information in the presence of high fluorescence. This boosts the capabilities of the most versatile handheld Raman analyzer BRAVO with respect to material suitability.

MULTIRAM : Routine laboratory work

The unique FT-Raman spectrometer MultiRAM offers most versatile solutions for routine laboratory analysis. The large sample compartment can accommodate various modules, e.g. for auto sampling. Note, by using 1064 nm excitation highest material suitability is achieved. To know more about the MULTIRAM please click here.

SENTERRA II : Non-contact Microanalysis


Raman microscopy has become truly user-friendly with the advent of the new Raman microscope SENTERRA II. Its high degree of automation without compromising spectroscopic performance makes it an ideal tool for routine applications as well as for challenging research tasks. To know more about SENTERRA II please click here.

BRAVO : Handheld Raman for Art and Conservation

Raman BRAVO Art Conservation

Raman spectroscopy allows to unveil the surface material composition of artwork, whether if it is the analysis of paint or used construction materials. The analysis is possible on the micron scale revealing an image of chemical information or even in field using portable instruments. To know more about BRAVO please click here.