What is FTIR?

Each chemical substance has its own infrared signature, just like a finger print. Therefore, IR spectroscopy is a widely used analytical technique for the qualitative and quantitative analysis of various materials.

ALPHA FTIR Spectrometer ALPHA Family


The ALPHA is an extremely compact FT-IR spectrometer with a robust and intuitive design. Premium quality components and modern technology assure accurate and precise results within a short measurement time. One of the most common applications of the ALPHA is the quality control of industrial products. To know more about ALPHA please click here.

LUMOS FTIR Microscopy Fully automated stand alone FTIRMicroscope


LUMOS is a fully automated FT-IR microscope that provides a new level of user comfort combined with highest performance. Long-life components that are virtually maintenance-free result in minimal running cost. The LUMOS is an efficient analytical system for failure analysis and a vast range of applications in industry and research. To know more about ALPHA please click here.

TENSOR II FTIR Spectrometer


The TENSOR II is the right instrument for demanding IR applications in your laboratory. It is characterized by an exceptionally high measurement sensitivity, great flexibility and long-life quality components that result in very low running costs. To know more about TENSOR II please click here.


TENSOR II with Hyperion 

The various sampling capabilities of the TENSOR II can further be expanded by the attachment of external accessories, e.g. the microplate reader HTS-XT or the HYPERION 3000 FT-IR imaging system. To know more about TENSOR II with Hyperion please click here.