Bench top/Table top Refractometers

RFM700-M Series Refractometers

Robust, high quality, low cost instruments designed specifically for factory and laboratory use. RFM700 models provide Brix and other scales up to two decimal places without the need for temperature control. RFM700 refractometers are ideal for use in sugar, beverage, food and wine applications.

RFM300 Series Refractometers

The new RFM300 Series refractometers feature a flat prism dish, wide refractive index range and Peltier temperature control; making them ideal for use in wet factory environments and the laboratory alike. Special attention has been paid to the Peltier control system. Samples of different temperature are quickly stabilised and when using the Smart temperature stability mode where results are only shown when both the temperature and reading are within predefined limits. Results are clearly displayed on the instrument’s full colour display, whilst the instrument is easily configured via its Methods system. Over 8000 readings may be stored within the instrument memory together with date, time & batch number to form an audit trail.

RFM900-T-Series Refractometers

Offering a wide measuring range (1.30-1.70 RI), shallow prism dish and Peltier temperature control, RFM900-T refractometers are suitable for use in aroma, fragrance, flavour, petrochemical, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries as well as institutes of technology. For pharmaceutical applications, RFM900-T refractometers comply with the operational requirements of FDA regulation 21 CFR Part 11, USP/EP/BP and feature RFID tags for rapid identification and clearance of operators. RFM900-T refractometers also conform to ASTM D 5006, 1747, 2140 & to become ASTM D 5006, 1747, 2140 & 1218 for the petrochemical industry.

ABBE Refractometers

The low cost Abbe 5 provides generalpurpose measurement at an affordable price, whilst the high accuracy ‘dispersion’ instruments satisfy the highest demands in industry.